About us

Molli Toys – a quality-conscious toy company

From the very beginning – Molli Toys was started in 2009 by a group of employees with many years of experience in the toy industry – we have worked with the clear objective to be at the forefront of quality and safety of our product.

Mollis is Latin for soft / smooth as both a description and a property. Our product range consists mainly of soft cuddly toy (or “mollisar” as most of our young consumers call them), but since 2015 we also distribute “non-soft” toys. Common to all our toy selection is that they all have some form of extra capacity.

Molli Toys was the first to launch Lamo (Look At Me Only) in Sweden and we were also the first in the country with glittering eyes (eyes sparkle) on soft animals.

All our products are CE marked according to EN71. This means that the children are safe – no sharp detail is present. Eyes, nose, stitching and other details are fixed traits. They are tested and approved according to current fire regulations and materials, including paints, are non-toxic.

All soft toys are machine washable at 30 degrees with the exception of toys that contain music boxes and batteries.

The factories Molli Toys collaborates with are all connected to organizations ICTI or BSCI and thus checked and approved by their respective specifications.

Toy wholesaler Molli Toys is headquartered in Täby, Stockholm.