Nitro Grinders

Nitro Grinders are extreme stunt riders that you launch with a flick of your finger! These hardcore riders can do outrageous tricks and stunts off ANYTHING!

Build up cool ramps, obstacles and launchers around your house or with your friends outside. Grab a book, a ruler, a cup or even cardboard and metal to build a ramp. You can make them do awesome stunts!

There are 56 different Nitro Grinders in 5 different Factions to collect – but that’s not all – you can customize every Nitro Grinder exactly how you want by switching out tires and rims!

Singel Pack

Art: 3262

Packing: 12 pcs

Dubbel Pack

Art: 3263

Packing: 6 pcs

Ramp Set Blue

Art: 3264

Packing: 4 pcs

Ramp Set Green

Art: 3264

Packing: 4 pcs

Ramp Set Grey

Art: 3264

Packing: 4 pcs

Ramp Set Red

Art: 3264

Packing: 4 pcs


Art: 3295

Packing 48 pcs

Display inkl monitor

Art: 3296

3262 x 32 pcs
3263 x 24 pcs
3624 x 8 pcs